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Welcome to slapnotes

Slapnotes is a smart replacement for bookmarks. But slapnotes is so much more!
Use slapnotes for team collaboration, research notes, etc.

A couple of screenshots

Screenshot of slapnotes in action Screenshot of slapnotes in action

Get started with slapnotes in 3 minutes


Here is some of what you can do with slapnotes:

  • Share a note with your friends or the world
  • Use slapnotes within a web team to maintain TODOs notes and mark places that needs editing
  • See what others have noted on a page
  • Search in your bookmarks by note-text, domain or url
  • Sort by created, last edited, domain name, etc
  • Keep your bookmarks in one place, by slapping a note on pages, instead of bookmarking them
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designed for and tested in:   
Designed for Firefox >= 3
Designed for Internet Explorer >= 7
Designed for Safari >= 4
Designed for Google Chrome >= 5
we test slapnotes on both mac and windows.
please let us know of any (un)successful attempts with other setups.
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